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Becky SS1 v1.0
WxW Girls Becky

WxW Girls Becky

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Height  :  5'7"  

Weight :    119  Lbs   

Home  :  Tornado  ,  Canada  

Finisher :  Sunset   Flip   Powerbomb  ,   Shooting  Star    Press ,  

Signature  :  

Career   highlight   :   Tag Team   :   The Cheerleader    W/  Susie Spirit  

Debut :    2010

Music :  B.E.C.K..Y  ---Becky  


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Becky  is   Candy "Cane "   Welsh    Twin  Sister     and    they  both  enter both  Rumble Roses   Tourament   where    she     losse  to her   sister  and when   back   do  her   school  in   and   lead  her   school  cheerleader    squad   to    the finals  and    she loses  to  her rival  school    she let   school   and remember    her   expected   in the  Rumble Roses   tourament    as  her  twin   had  a lot   of fame    in  the WxW   so  she    ment   Dan   Vizman   saw   her   and    but  her  and a dark  match    with   she   win   , a trainer     named   susie   saw  here  cheerleader    videos    when she was  in school   she    ask  dan  if she  cound  get  back  in the ring    and take becky   under  her  wing    he  seid   yes   as  now   the from the teg team  call  The Cheerleaders