Christy Hemme 2

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Heigt  :  5'6"  

Weight :   116  Lbs 

Home :    Los Angeles  , Cal

Finisher  :  FFG--Flying Firecrotch  Guillotine  ,    Reverse   Twist   of   Fate   

Debut  : 2011  

Cheer  Highlight   None  :      

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Christy    was    first    from  TNA   in  2011   and   Join   WxW   in   the same  year    she   is one of the move cruelty   fighter    trying to  put   move of her   opponent in the   Hospital  .  she   has  been  fired   by  Dan  3  time   in her cheer   for take  out    her  opponent    but  she bring ratings   to  WxW  and  he   dose  now   like to   loose  money    for christy    has   a huge   fan base