Lulu Valentine

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Height  :   5'3"  

Weight  :    120   Lbs   

Home  :    Sattle,  Washington   

Finisher  :    Right  Straight punch  ,   Rising     Boding    Upper   Punch   

Signature   :   

Dabut:  2013

Carreer   Highlight  :   None  

Music:   Mama   Said     knock  you Out  by LLcoolJ

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She was    a     boxer  in   the  Ready 2  Rumble   League  but   left    the boxing   world  to   become a fasion   desinger but   that  fall   throw    so   she  was  flat    broke   and  cound  get   to old boxing  gym    from   the  owner  mike    has   movie  is   business   to      the MMA   world   and   no  else    want to  hire   a   25   years   female  boxer so  two year  went by     and  she  saw   the  RSD   (  Rookie Showdown  )   Tryout   were   happen  in  here  city so   enter   name    her   boxing     skill    sound   but  this  was  a wrestling  fed    and  dan  toller  she    cound  join  only  if she learn    how   to  wrestle .  so  now    she    train   RSD  arena    for    her  big  shot    at    WxW    and  show  the  that   a  small  boxer   can  be   a champion