Tina Wrestling Gear

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Height :    5'9"   

Weight :   123   Lbs  

Home :   Unknown  

Finisher  :  Tiger   Driver  '92 , x2 

Signature   :   Diamond    Cutter  ,  Liontamer  

Denut  :   2011

Music  :     Her own  Theme  

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Tina    was a   Moive star  / Model    /  Pro   Wrestler    and Dan  had to  have    her  in  WxW  . She    gain  a  hugh   check     bigger  then    her  win a the DOA   Touranment   but    she   may  a deal  with   Dan   she  would  able   to  work   other  Fed    but   word  still   make   this    her  mad  fed  .  she has   keep her deal  with   Dan   .   She has   worked   for   the  Cross Edge      F
Tina 3ds render 3 by x2gon-d609upy

Tina Swimsuit

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